A leading international art institution, NTU CCA Singapore is a platform, host and partner creating and driven by dynamic thinking in its three-fold constellation: Exhibitions, Residencies Programme, and Research and Academic Education. A national research centre for contemporary art of Nanyang Technological University, the Centre focuses on Spaces of the Curatorial. It brings forth innovative and experimental forms of artistic and curatorial practices that intersect the present and histories of contemporary art embedded in social-political spheres with other fields of knowledge.

NTU CCA Singapore positions itself as a space for critical discourse and encourages new ways of thinking about Spaces of the Curatorial in Southeast Asia and beyond. As a research centre, we aim to provide visiting researchers and curators a comprehensive platform to study contemporary art ecosystems in Singapore and the region.

Part of the research and academic programmes arm is the Public Resource Platform, which includes the research library, contemporary artist files, and video documentation. The artist files aim to provide an entry point to contemporary artistic practice in Southeast Asia, containing visual material and audio recordings of talks from over 90 local artists and NTU CCA Singapore’s Artists-in-Residence. The video documentation gives insight into past public events of the Centre, offering an expanded understanding of the complexity and diversity of contemporary art production, and how it intersects with current developments in culture, society, and politics.

Facilitating the production of knowledge and research, the Centre’s Residencies Programme invites both local and international artists, curators, and researchers. Our seven studios support the artistic process in the most direct way by giving Artists-in-Residence the time and resources to be fully engaged with their research, and access to an immersive context for developing ideas.

Since its inauguration in October 2013, NTU CCA Singapore has featured leading Singaporean and international artists, presenting their work for the first time in Southeast Asia. This approach makes the Centre one of the few spaces in Singapore to present contemporary art from around the globe. As an institution, we have dynamic public programmes such as lectures, workshops, open studios, film screenings, Exhibition (de)Tours, and Stagings, that engage with various audiences.